Commercial Kitchen Cleaners

Keeping your catering facilities in tip top condition is the lifeblood of many businesses in the hospitality, restaurant and entertainment sectors, and outsourcing your kitchen deep cleaning needs gives business owners and managers the peace of mind that a high level of cleanliness is being achieved. But what exactly is involved in a deep kitchen clean and do you need a one-off or regular clean to keep your kitchen and catering facilities above par?

For day-to-day staff deep cleaning ¬†kitchen services can be a difficult chore that many team members simply don’t have time for but outsourcing tasks like oven cleaning and extractor hood maintenance can ensure that hoteliers and restaurateurs run a tight ship when managing their businesses. Deep cleaning also provides a happy and healthy place for your staff to work and employees are certain who to be positively influenced by the high standards of your kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners

Kitchen deep cleans are different from everyday cleanups conducted by staff, these deep cleans essentially get into every nook and cranny as well as ensuring the appliances and workspaces you can see are sanitised and bacteria-free. No job is too big or small for an outsourced cleaning operative who will use their expertise and commercial-grade equipment to conduct oven cleaning as well as clean hard to reach and delicate areas like fridge and freezer seals, high shelves, between walls and prep surfaces and behind cookers as well as inside grills, fryers and other essential kitchen equipment.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners also use steam cleaning to ensure every area of your kitchen is cleaned without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals can cause problems in food preparation areas.

Dishes and Counter Tops

Clean all your dishes first in a dishwasher or by hand. Dry them and put them away. This will leave the sink empty; now fill it with hot soapy water. Shift each and everything, even little ones from the kitchen counter, tops of cabinets and cupboards to the kitchen table. Wipe all those areas especially the neglected ones like corner crevices, counter front and handles of cabinets.

Small Appliances

Next are the smaller appliances which haven’t been cleaned in a while like toaster and coffee maker. Fill up your coffee pot with vinegar and leave for around half an hour. Meanwhile, focus on the toaster. Remove the trays of the toaster and shake off all the crumbs into the garbage and then shake the toaster over the garbage – both right sides up and upside down. The hot soapy water will be used here to clean off the trays. Dry cleaning them and fix them back into the toaster. The outer side can be polished with the Commercial Kitchen Cleaners. Coming back to the coffee pot, if enough time has passed, turn it on and let the vinegar brew through or run through cold water thrice. Wash the pot and the removable parts of it, dry it and place it back.

By law every commercial kitchen must be cleaned from top to bottom every six months to maintain the high level of cleanliness needed in food hygiene. Every kitchen in the food preparation industry must comply with hygiene standards. Whilst one-off cleans are required in this period, after a period of disuse and when taking over a new kitchen, regular deep cleans are recommended to ensure a consistently high standard of kitchen cleanliness is maintained.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners work with you to ensure your kitchen is maintained to the highest possible standards with minimal disruption to your everyday business thanks to out of hours and weekend appointments. Kitchen deep cleans ensure your catering facilities are in tip top condition for employees and customers alike.

Commercial Cleaning are specialists in industrial and commercial cleaning. With a national client base, the company continues to grow and diversify earning a reputation for delivering professional, cost effective and high quality services.

With the increasing number of women working, men these days also help with household chores, like cooking, laundry and dish cleaning. Still, I think it’s a woman who spends at least a quarter of her life in the kitchen. Especially after family and kids she needs to make constant rounds around the kitchen all day.

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All you need to do now is tidy up the leftovers. You must be tired by this time but remind yourself that these are the last things to do. Use ammonia to clean the windows, a half cup of vinegar in hot water for a hardwood floor and bar keepers’ friend for the sink. Take a picture of your kitchen to keep you motivated for the next time you arrive at the ‘before’ picture situation. But if you take good care of your kitchen regularly, you don’t really have to indulge in this ‘whole day activity’ for a pretty long time.

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