Builders Clean Checklist

For those who have just had the renovation, extension or alteration at the residence recently, you should be aware of the mess how the builders’ leave at the rear of. Clearing off their own wastes and spills could be a task in by itself. The dust as well as wooden fibers trapped at every corner of the home, the stone dirt settled below the actual furniture and ledges, paint splashes throughout the house and huge fill of trash to become thrown away!

Often people request professional help with regard to after builder cleaning services but that you can do it yourself having a little help from all of those other family, if you are able to keeps under manage. Desperation will result in more chaos. Sustaining a checklist, scheduling a passionate time and getting proper protection could make the tame the actual typhoon and sparkle your home.

Remember to thoroughly clean every open surface in addition to hidden surfaces for example cabinets, closets as well as drawers, all horizontal as well as vertical surfaces for example shelves, etc. thoroughly clean all glass areas, removing stickers as well as construction debris, cleaning all carpeted places, etc.

Builders Clean Checklist

Builders Clean Checklist

Here is an entire builders clean checklist that will help you in the procedure. You can include and alter it according to your need.

Bed rooms

  • Dust and clean all of the external fittings, fittings and decors completely.
  • Clear the living area, clean the carpets and rugs and vacuum the actual skirting boards at the rear of the furniture.
  • Clean the ground with a proper soap
  • Clean the windows and also the window sills
  • Remove protective tape from the window frames
  • Remove dust and debris in the air vents
  • Clear the actual window tracks
  • Clean the actual electrical fixtures
  • Clean the actual doors and doorway knobs
  • Clean all of the glass surfaces
  • Clear all of the drawers and racks from any particles and trash as well as clean thoroughly.
  • Clean the actual upholstery, remove and substitute the cushion covers along with other replaceable material.
  • Dust and clean all of the furniture in the actual room(s). 

Kitchen area

  • Clear, clean as well as sanitize all areas
  • Clean the cabinets and drawers within and out, remove any left out food.
  • Clear the actual sinks of any kind of debris and clean thoroughly.
  • Degrease the actual walls and get rid of any paint dash and food debris.
  • Clear and thoroughly clean the refrigerator.
  • Clean the washer thoroughly, give focus on the rubber in the machine door and also the filters.
  • Clean the actual dishwasher thoroughly
  • Clean the surfaces from the gadgets lying about such as the microwave.
  • Clean dishwasher within and out.
  • Clear as well as clean the garbage bins
  • Unclog the actual drain pipes.


  • Clean the bath space from any cement left out, get it descaled as well as polished
  • Clean the actual wall tiles
  • Clean the toilet mirrors, faucets as well as bath tiles
  • Get the bathroom. Decaled, cleaned as well as disinfected
  • Remove as well as replace any cleaning soaps and shampoo leftover outside
  • Clear the actual cabinets and thoroughly clean them inside as well as out
  • Replace the actual towels lying outdoors
  • Floors to end up being scrubbed and sanitized, when there is a carpet it ought to be vacuumed with an electrical head.
  • Clear as well as clean the ports and exhaust enthusiasts
  • Clean and shine the laundry trough

Bed rooms

  • Remove the dirt and debris in the internal vents
  • Thoroughly clean the bed room furniture
  • Clean all of the surface and get rid of dust and particles
  • Dust and thoroughly clean all fixtures
  • Clean the actual cupboards, cabinets as well as drawers thoroughly
  • Replace just about all upholstery and home furniture
  • Vacuum clean the actual mattress
  • Remove any finger marks and paint splashes in the walls
  • If required acid wash the ground and then reduce the effects of it
  • Vacuum thoroughly clean the carpet

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Remember to clean the actual foyer, staircase, veranda and the attic combined with the internal space.Remove all of the accumulated trash properly.Remove any construction sign in the premises.

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