Commercial Cleaning Contractors Melbourne

Commercial cleaning services are in ample supply, and the competition to win contracts is fierce. This gives a distinct advantage to the one who is charged with selecting a Commercial Cleaning Contractors Melbourne – particularly if he or she knows what to look for in a reliable service.

Below is a brief overview on the five most important points in selecting a commercial cleaning service, and how to get the most out of that service.

#1 – Consider the Budget

It’s true that cost is a major concern when selecting a Commercial Cleaning Contractors Melbourne, but it should not be the only deciding factor in selecting a service. Some companies look like they offer a good service for a very small fee, but once they draw up the agreement, there are so many “add on” fees and hidden surprises, that the original offer is no longer valid. Or, possibly more dismaying, a contractor may offer a rock-bottom price and promise full service, but not deliver on such promises. One gets what one pays for in many instances, and commercial cleaning service is no different.

Commercial Cleaning Contractors Melbourne

Commercial Cleaning Contractors Melbourne

#2 – Services Offered

This ties in to number one…budget. Find out what the commercial cleaners charge for each of their services. What’s included in the base price? This can vary. Some cleaning services offer an “a la carte” menu that charges per service, and some sell by packages.

#3 – Equipment and Supplies

Some cleaning services make the customer provide cleaning products and equipment, while many others bring their own. Some charge for bringing their own equipment, and others include that in the base price.

#4 – Check for Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance

Having a cleaning contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured is an important factor in selecting a commercial cleaning contractor, mainly because of liability issues on the part of the business owner. Ensure that, if a worker for the contractor is injured during working on a company’s property, that they are covered by their own insurance. Otherwise, that could be a costly expense that would make any savings on the initial service disappear.

#5 – Presentation & Professionalism

Pay attention to how a contractor presents their company – are they courteous, prompt to answer questions, direct with answers, and carry through on their initial promises? If so, then they are the most likely to be reliable with their cleaning crews, and know how to handle situations where workers call out. In other words, they are less likely to back out on a contract cleaning, be late, or miss important details during the jobs they’ve been hired to do. While they might not have perfectly pressed uniforms, they can present themselves professionally in other ways, which is a favorable initial sign.

Selecting a commercial cleaning service benefits  is an important decision – and the choices are vast. Choose those who best fit the above five criteria, at the best price. A clean company is paramount to a smoothly-running operation -choose the best company for the best company.

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A Commercial Cleaning Contractors Melbourne is also going to have a supervisor come by your building on a regular basis to make sure that the cleaning duties are being fulfilled by their employees. They are also going to check with you to make sure that you have no issues and everything meets your satisfaction.

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